And the reader becomes a writer … of sorts

Inspired by all the wonderful JAFF/Austenesque writers and the books I’ve read, it had to happen eventually. Some months ago I was passing a very long white night, with visions of Darcy dancing in my head … when suddenly an idea for a JAFF story line came to me.

The next morning I sketched an outline. I looked around at the various fan fiction sites, as well as browsing through JAFF stories at amazon and GoodReads, and could find nothing similar. So over the following weeks and months I began to flesh it out into a real story.

When I finished writing the story some weeks ago, I was delighted when one of my favourite Austenesque authors invited me to post it at her wonderful website DarcyandLizzy.coman Austenesque forum I have often visited where you can read JAFF stories and chat with JAFF authors and other JAFF fans. It is administered by Brenda J. Webb, author of numerous books including Darcy and Elizabeth — A Promise Kept, which I reviewed on Amazon.

My story is titled Desperation. It recounts various ways our beloved (and some not so beloved – ha!) Pride and Prejudice characters act and react when they are feeling desperate.

If you are not a member of D&L, follow the link above and sign up for membership. After signing in, follow Stories -> The Story Board -> Current Short and Long Stories -> Subject/Started By and find Desperation started by Opisica. (Opisica is my basic online ID. In Romanian language it means “the cat.”) If you’re already a member, you can head directly to the story by following this link. You are of course invited to leave a comment by following the link provided in the story itself. I am not as meticulous as some writers are about responding to each comment, but you can be certain I read all comments as soon as possible.

Last Friday I posted one of the seminal chapters and will post another chapter later this week.

After reading and commenting on my story, please do not leave the forum. Do some exploring; I’m sure you’ll find many things to your liking. (I’m presuming that anyone who has read this far is a Jane Austen and Austenesque fan.) I am particularly liking Darcy’s Melody by JenRed, which you’ll find by again following the path noted above.

Many many thanks for reading this, and for reading (and I hope enjoying!) Desperation.


3 thoughts on “And the reader becomes a writer … of sorts

  1. is a great JAFF site. I think it’s wonderful that writers like yourself are willing to share their stories on the JAFF websites. Thank you

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