I must have my …

Some friends and I watched the wonderful Lost in Austen the other day, and the post-viewing conversation naturally meandered to the many things we have or use in 2016 that would not even exist two hundred years ago. What would it be like to be transported to the past — specifically to Jane Austen’s time — and what would we miss most.

We decided to make a list of the things we would want to take with us if we could ever be transported back to the world of Pride and Prejudice and Mr Darcy.

Sure, there are lots of things that the Regency world could never have dreamed of, so we decided to limit our choices to things that we could actually use there. Cell phones, movie theatres, and anything that relied on electricity or gasoline/petrol of course was out.

Each of us chose three items. Here’s the final list we came up with.

dotted_panties_-_pink~ Toothbrush and toothpaste
~ Shampoo
~ Underpants
~ Mascara
~ Blusher
lip-gloss.jpg~ Lipstick/lip gloss
~ Contact lenses
~ Oreo cookies (altho’ the case could be made that we could recreate these)
~ My dog
~ The book Fifty Shades of Grey
running-shoes~ Teabags (can you believe someone actually picked this? LOL!)
~ Running shoes

Are these the same things you would choose? If not, please leave your list of three items in a Comment — see link to Leave a Comment above left. We might even scare up a prize for the best list!

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5 thoughts on “I must have my …

  1. I’d add the following to your list Janis.

    1. If I was still young enough, then modern sanitary products in addition to the underwear.

    2. Some modern day painkillers to use instead of getting doped up on laudanum.

    3. Some baking powder, invented in Victorian times. The only raising agent they had previously was yeast.

    What do you think?

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